Have questions about shamans pandas, dimensional travel or vintage scarves? I’d love to hear from you! E-mail me at kari (at) kariluna (dot) com or find me over at Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook or Instagram.

School & Library Visits
I love talking with kids. They’re some of my favorite writers! I offer everything from classes to keynotes, complete with whimsical slideshows, animated GIFS and plenty of fun. See Past Events for examples.

  • It’s Alive! Creating Memorable Characters that Work
  • Happy Little Writers: Creating The Writer’s Universe
  • Stretch Your Way to the Story: Yoga and Writing

Classes & Keynotes for Adults
I also love talking with adults about writing, publishing, and that elusive beast, promotion. In my other life I offer promotional help to KidLit authors. Check it out, here.

  • Persistence is Punk Rock: One Part DIY, All Parts Heart (Keynote)
  • Launch w/Love: The Class: How to Launch your Book (and Yourself.)
  • Launch w/Love: The Keynote: Welcome to Author Promo with Heart.
  • Want to know more about Launch w/Love? Send me a note. Isn’t mail the best?



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