Have questions about shamans pandas, dimensional travel or vintage scarves? I’d love to hear from you! E-mail me at kari (at) kariluna (dot) com or find me over at Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook or Instagram.

For book inquiries, please contact my fabulous agent, Jessica Regel, at Foundry Literary + Media.

School & Library Visits
I love talking with kids. They’re some of my favorite writers! I offer everything from classes to keynotes, complete with whimsical slideshows, animated GIFS and plenty of fun. See Past Events for examples.

  • It’s Alive! Creating Memorable Characters that Work
  • Happy Little Writers: Creating The Writer’s Universe
  • Stretch Your Way to the Story: Yoga and Writing

Classes & Keynotes for Adults
I also love talking with adults about writing, publishing, and that elusive beast, promotion. In my other life I offer promotional help to KidLit authors. Check it out, here.

  • Persistence is Punk Rock: One Part DIY, All Parts Heart (Keynote)
  • Launch w/Love: The Class: How to Launch your Book (and Yourself.)
  • Launch w/Love: The Keynote: Welcome to Author Promo with Heart.
  • Want to know more about Launch w/Love? Send me a note. Isn’t mail the best?



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