Luna means “moon” in several languages.

Maybe that’s why my feet don’t entirely touch the ground. But when they do, they’re wearing really good shoes.

I was born under the big, blue skies of Texas and graduated with an official degree in Journalism/Advertising, minors in English and an unofficial degree in punk rock from the University of North Texas. For a decade, I did the ad agency race during the day and the touring van on the weekends. My ad work has been seen in newspapers, televisions and browsers around the world. And my bands are all famous in Europe, of course.

When I’m not busy helping authors brand themselves, writing funny spots or working on my next novel, I dream of building cupcake couches, finding the perfect vintage Vera scarf, visiting the Large Hadron Collider and traipsing around Paris with my sidekick, Petey Sellers. He’s fabulous at a party.

In reality (this one, anyway), I live in Portland, Oregon, the nicest place on the planet. You can tell because practically everyone wears striped knee socks.


  • Pour yourself some sparkling water in a goblet. It’s classy.
  • Settle into your favorite chair or fainting couch. (But don’t faint.)
  • Read away.
  • Nibble on a chocolate. (What, you didn’t bring chocolate?)
  • If you like it, put your hands together! Give the author some soul claps. (I bet she’ll hear them.)

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